All rattles are not created equal. P&P glass rattles have been tested under water, in a laboratory, (sound under water travels 5 times faster and 11 times louder) and found to have the proper pitch and frequency to attract all species of fish. All P&P rattles are made of quality glass and 3 steel balls. Only P&P glass rattles have a unique chatter sound that attracts saltwater and freshwater fish.

P&P Saltwater Series 2000TM

Saltwater Jig RattlesTM
Includes 9 jig rattles and 9 harnesses for application to any hook or wire on: jigs, spoons, etc.

Item # Quantity
20193 W 9 ea.

Saltwater RattlesTM
A smaller diameter rattle that emits a quieter chatter sound, to use in small or large soft plastics such as shrimp-tails, grubs, eels or swimmers.

Item # Quantity
20110 W 10 ea.
20125 W 25 ea.
20150 W 50 ea.
20100 W 100 ea.

Saltwater Magnum RattlesTM
The magnum rattle produces the loudest rattle sound in shrimps, grubs, and all saltwater soft plastics.

Item # Quantity
22123 W 12 ea.
22253 W 25 ea.

Saltwater Plastic ExtractorTM
Designed to core a pocket to place the Saltwater Magnum RattleTM into any saltwater soft plastic or a pocket to place the plastic over the Saltwater Jig RattleTM without splitting the sides of the bait.

Item # Quantity
20310 W 1 ea.

P&P Freshwater Rattles

Worm RattlesTM
A smaller rattle, used mainly when a quieter chatter sound is needed in your soft plastic baits. For example: use in clear water, or with spooky fish situations. Can be used in smaller diameter soft plastics and in finesse baits.

Item # Quantity
00110 W 10 ea.
00100 W (PRO PACK) 100 ea.
00125 W (PRO PACK) 25 ea.
00150 W (PRO PACK) 50 ea.

Super Magnum Worm Tube RattlesTM
Our largest and loudest rattle. Can be inserted into worms, grubs, tubes, lizards and all other soft plastics with the use of a P&P Freshwater Plastic Extractor.TM

Item # Quantity
12003 W 5 ea.
12123 W (PRO PACK) 12 ea.

Jig RattlesTM
Two small rattles that attach to any hook or wire with their specially designed harness, giving a quieter chatter sound that is used for clear water and spooky fish situations.

Item # Quantity
00106 W 3 ea.

Magnum Jig RattlesTM
A Magnum Jig RattleTM that can be attached to any wire or hook with its shrinkable harness. For use on jigs, spoons, spinnerbaits, etc.

Item # Quantity
00103 W 3 ea.
00193 W (PRO PACK) 9 ea.

Freshwater Plastic ExtractorTM
Cuts a core pocket in any soft plastic bait to insert the Super Magnum Worm tube RattleTM into the plastic, or install on a jig over a P&P Magnum Jig Rattle.TM Enabling the fisherman to use, the largest and loudest glass rattle manufactured, without splitting the sides of the soft plastic bait.

Item # Quantity
00310 W 1 ea.

P&P Fish LevelTM
The P&P Fish LevelTM was developed for complete accuracy during tournament culling.

  • The P&P Fish LevelTM is accurate within 1 gram. (28 grams = 1 ounce)
  • It allows fresh and saltwater anglers the ability to quickly compare the weight of two same size fish and know immediately which is heavier.
  • It can be placed in the livewell with your smallest fish attached for faster culling.
  • It is computer designed with zero tolerance on the balance points.
  • It has no batteries or computer chips to fail.
Features - See Following Diagram
  • 1. Frame - Computer balanced Aluminum
  • 2. Rings - Plated Steel with 300 lb. capacity
  • 3. Hooks - Rust-proof Stainless Steel
  • 4. Level Vial- Durable,Acrylic Plastic
  • 5. Handle - Glow in the dark plastic

Item # Quantity
00412 W 1 ea.

P&P Carolina Float CollarsTM
The Carolina Float CollarsTM are designed for Carolina rig fishing and for soft plastic top water. They give the fisherman the ability to float any style or brand of soft plastic baits, such as lizards, grubs,tubes, and worms. Allowing this floatation with up to a 5 / 0 hook, with a P&P Super Magnum Worm Tube RattleTM installed in the plastic, and in any size soft plastic bait. Available in 6 basic colors.

Item # Quantity
00204 W (LIME) 10 ea.
00210 W (BLACK) 10 ea.
00219 W (BLUE) 10 ea.
00228 W (ORANGE) 10 ea.
00242 W (PURPLE) 10 ea.
00243 W (PINK) 10 ea.

P&P Pro Rattle KitTM
This kit was designed as a starter kit for all anglers, including the top pros. It has a sampling of some of our top selling products.


  • 1-P&P Freshwater Plastic ExtractorTM
  • 6-Carolina Float CollarsTM in assorted colors
  • 5-Worm RattlesTM
  • 5-Super Magnum Worm Tube RattlesTM
  • 5-Magnum Jig RattlesTM

Item # Quantity
00510 W 22 ea.

P&P Sportsman's SolutionTM
Did you ever know that your bait stunk? The scent or odor on the bait being the reason you did not catch fish.

P&P Sportsman's SolutionTM removes:

  • the amino acids and human scents from hands and fishing baits
  • fish smell from hands and equipment
  • catfish stink bait, cut bait, stains and odors
  • all blood, waste, odor and stains from fish and animals
  • human and animal scents (great for deer hunters!)
  • all organic scents, stains, and odors
P&P Sportsman's SolutionTM is 100% biodegradable and 100% environmentally safe.

Directions for Use: Apply to affected area and let air dry.

Item # Quantity
00608 W 1  8-fl.oz.
00623 W 1  22-fl.oz.
01622 W 1  128-fl.oz.

P&P Marine SolutionTM
Have you ever had a fish die in your livewell for no apparent reason? Chances are you had a bacteria ridden livewell.

Boating Applications

  • removes harmful organic bacteria stains and odors from livewells
  • removes mold and mildew stains and odors from boat coolers, ice chests, and bilge areas
  • removes blood stains and odors and fish waste from boat carpets and decks
  • removes algae stains at the water lines from boats
Charter Boat - Freshwater and Saltwater
  • removes blood and fish waste stains and odors from decks and equipment
  • removes organic stains and odors from bait and fish boxes
Non-boating Applications
  • for use in bait shops to control minnow tank odors
  • removes stains and odors from cricket boxes, refrigerators, night crawler and other live bait containers
  • keeps bacteria and odors down in fish cleaning stations
  • great for marinas and resorts
100% Biodegradable and 100% Environmentally safe.

Saturate problem areas with solution and let air dry.

Item # Quantity
00722 W 1  22-fl.oz.
00723 W 1  22-fl.oz.
01722 W 1  128-fl.oz.
05722 W 1  5-gal.
55722 W 1  55-gal.


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